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IT Support for Public Libraries and Non-Profits

compData Stream offers wide range of technology support services to non-profits and community organizations. We have over 3500 hours of experience in servicing Public Libraries. If you are a non-profit or charity, we understand that you have to carefully watch every cent of your organization's expenses. Data Stream Computer Services is proud to support your efforts and provides discounted service rates to qualified non-profits and charitable organizations.

If you are a qualified non-profit organization or charity, please contact us for special rates.

Library Services Implimentation

dataWe can help you with your data base installations and provide a smooth transition to a reliable system. We can perform re-indexing and cleaning of your data base to ensure its' reliability of information. We also provide specific or generalized training for new or existing employees.

We are also well versed in establishing customized "standard desktop" configurations for Patron public use computers, benchmark reports, technology plans and the set-up of library resource icons and links.

There are several non-profit organizations offering free or drastically reduced rates for software and hardware - we can assist you in the applications for grants and donations.


The A+ certification demonstrates competency as a computer technician. Officially, CompTIA A+ certification is a vendor neutral global certification that covers numerous technologies and operating systems from such vendors as Microsoft™, Apple™ Inc., Novell™ and some of the Linux variations


As a Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) I have been professionally certified by Novell to administer NetWare based computer networks.